TAGETES (20u.)

Reference: 56050086

Beautiful and vibrant flowers ranging from yellow and orange with red tones and shape of curly pompon. Slightly citrus and bitter taste. The dream of any chef to add color to salads, carpaccios and desserts. Only petals are used.


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TASTING NOTES: acid, vinegary but with sweet and sour notes, flavour reminiscent of a dressing.

AIRS WELL WITHcilantro leaf, mango, nettle, coriander, thyme.

USE: garnish of dishes, salads; in small amounts a bouquet to finish dishes.

FORMATO: 30 u.

ORIGIN: Germinarte.

INGREDIENTS: tagetes edible flower.

CONSERVATION: between 4º and 6º. Excess moisture can reduce the shelf life of the product. Product not wash.

ALLERGENS: may contain traces of mustard. 


TEMPORALITY: All year round.

COLOR AND SHAPE: flowers ranging from yellow and orange with red tones and shape of curly pompon.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: Flower Tagete is extremely nourishing as it contains several phytochemicals. These important components demonstrate antimicrobial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic and antioxidant activities. Colour pigments in bright orange and yellow flowers contain lutein carotenoid. Lutein, also present in sweet potatoes and carrots, helps to neutralize the free, harmful and chronic radicals that cause diseases, and even helps prevent cell damage and repair DNA.


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