Our wide floral range, with its brightness and delicacy, brings aromas and color to your creations. All edible, although some of them only the petals, follow our instructions for use to have a better use. The magic of flowers ready to boost your recipes.


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Dried hibiscus flowers reveal all their fruity and acidified flavors; They are delicious in infusion, hot or cold infusion, but they can also bring their crunchy texture and sour touch to a crumble! In infusion in sugar syrup, they give their magnificent red color to a rice pudding or a cocktail.


Add a spicy touch to your dishes with the Cappuccino Flower. Vibrant colors, red, yellow and orange. Try it on pots and pans, fish, entries with winter broths and turn your dishes into real works of art.


The beautiful pink color makes it a surprising decorative flower and an original ingredient. Its delicate and captivating perfume will bring refinement and modernity to your desserts with chocolate, homemade creams, strawberry clafoutis, iced tea, macarons, a sorbet or a fruit salad. It can also be used to aromatize an infusion.


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This small flower flavored with nuts provide a cheerful color to a salad or a dessert. It is also used in white fish and red meats. They can crystallize to decorate pastries or creamy desserts.


Dry yellow or white flower, with delicate fragrances and fruity flavor, is cultivated mostly in China. Its captivating aroma perfumes with delicious creams, ice creams and financiers. Combine it with crème brûlée to add an original touch, with a dessert or you can also put a few flowers in infusion with your iced tea... a delight!


This unusual bell shaped flower features a variety of red, yellow, pink and white watermelons and a slightly bitter touch. Its use is very versatile, as side dishes and salads; it is used in fillings and fried tempura.


The Begonia Flower is in different colors. It has an acidic flavor, but with bittersweet notes that reminds us of a dressing. It is used in carpaccios, ceviches, oysters and Asian dishes.


Dry Cuisine Lavender is native to France, in the mountainous region of Provence. For culinary use, the floral and slightly sweet taste of lavender makes it widely adaptable. They can be used as an herb added to meat and salads, to dressings and condiments. It can be added to cheeses; mixed in teas, chocolate and baked goods.


Flowers shaped like a yellow cone that produce an electrifying effect on your palate. With a touch of citrus flavor, this flower will stimulate your palate with an exciting effervescent effect that increases salivation and cleans the mouth; refreshing and numbing sensation. Use it in salads, fish, meats and add electricity to your cocktails.


The Daisy Flower is available in several colors. It is a very versatile flower, it can be used in all types of dishes even in desserts. It has a very floral flavor and aroma with a bitter note. Of the Coquette Flower only the petals are used.


Petals of pink, red and white colors and toothed shape. Its flavor is sweet, with alimonate aftertaste. Spread the petals over cold creams, fish, ice cream and desserts. Perfect to add color and flavor to fruity drinks and summer cocktails.

CHAMOMILE (25 gr.)

These flowers are mainly used in infusions, but you can also sprinkle them with sauces and vegetables, as a condiment. It wonderfully aromatizes a red fruit jelly, homemade jams, homemade fruit sorbets, apple compotes or preparations with chocolate (mousses, cakes, creams).


Its tiny yellow flowers and bright green stalks have a aniseed flavor, with an astringent finish that cleans the mouth of other flavors; fragrance of liquorice very aromatic. It combines well with seafood dishes, fruit salads and Arabic dishes, especially with lamb recipes.

ROSE BUDS (15gr.)

Its beautiful pink colour makes it a surprising decorative flower and an original ingredient. Its delicate and enveloping aroma will bring refinement and modernity to desserts with chocolate, homemade creams, strawberry clafoutis, iced tea, a sorbet or a fruit salad. You can also use these rose buttons to aromatize a glass of champagne.


This orange and yellow blossom have a soft and sweet flavor. From the Calendula Flower only the petals are used. With them you will add excitement to your desserts; use the petals to give a touch of color to your salads.


It can be used to give a touch of joy and color to the poultice or to add a floral touch to a salad, a bird or a salsa. Add a fresh note, a bitter touch and fruity notes to a vegetable-based preparation: a vegetable risotto, a green salad with seeds, French tortilla, vegetable soup...


This purple oxalis with five petals has a sour, sweet, sour taste that reminds us of a dressing. Ideal for use in sushi, meat dishes and game stews.