The Castelo de Brañas cheese factory is located in the town of Pedrafita do Cebreiro, between the Ancares and Caurel mountains, in the province of Lugo. A place where time passes slowly and small details take center stage, it shows how the medium has influenced the business model of the cheese factory, betting on the differentiation of its product, focusing on quality. The care of the small details, which on the one hand prevent ceasing to be a small family business, allows them to market an artisan product that complies with all the hygienic-sanitary and quality guarantees.

The Castelo de Brañas cheese factory has obtained multiple recognitions in the autonomous community, twenty consecutive Gold Medals in the Cheese and Honey tastings of Galicia, and nationally, as Best Fresh Cheese of Spain selected by MARGRAMA and as Best Young Cow Cheese of Vaca at the Gourmet Cheese Awards, rewarding his work model, in which the only goal is to achieve product excellence.


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D.O.P. Cebreiro Castelo is a soft, grainy white-paste cheese; made with cow's milk, It has a flavor and aroma reminiscent of the milk from which it comes, slightly acidic. Its shape is very characteristic, similar to a mushroom.

It is made from pasteurized and whole cow's milk, coming from the Galician blonde, alpine brown, Friesian and cross between them. The simplicity of its manufacturing process, carried out manually, responds to a care for every detail in favor of product quality.