From the best gardens we bring you the best naturally grown vegetables, as was done in the past, without using toxic products, respecting the natural balance of ecosystems. Vegetables matured in the plant, from seeds not genetically modified so that you can rediscover that flavor that only the Sun and the earth is capable of providing to vegetables.


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Peppermint is an aromatic and refreshing herb well known to all for its frequent use in the preparation of candy and chewing gum or that of alcoholic beverages such as pipermint or to accompany combinations such as mojito, among others. The uses of mint as an infusion are also well known, highlighting the famous Moroccan mint tea. Mint flavor with a touch of orange. In this product we collect only the tender sprouts of the mint.


Beautiful and vibrant flowers ranging from yellow and orange with red tones and shape of curly pompon. Slightly citrus and bitter taste. The dream of any chef to add color to salads, carpaccios and desserts. Only petals are used.

YELLOW PEPPER (250 grs.)

The fruit of the yellow pepper is generally orange in color. It is used as a condiment for its spicy flavor or as a base for chili peppers or huancaine potatoes, among others.


A mix of Micro Carrots in two colors in micro size that will delight your guests. With these striking orange, purple or white colors you will create a wonderful presentation of your dishes.


If you like radish, you will love this bud for its refreshing and spicy flavor. It has multiple health benefits, vitamin A, B, C, E and K, contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, amino acids and antioxidants. For its color and flavor it is one of the buds most appreciated by the chefs.


Microsalad has everything... exquisite beauty, vibrant color, subtle texture and intriguing flavors. A selection of sprouts, leaves and edible flowers make this Microsalad the perfect companion for your dishes.


It is a very tasty, sweet bud with a bitter finish reminiscent of cabbage. The health benefits of broccoli is enormous. It has twice as much vitamin C as spinach and as much as lemon, making it an excellent support for the immune system. For its flavor it is used in salads, soups and creams and in general in all types of savoury dishes.

THYME BUNCH (100 grs.)

Thyme is an excellent aromatic herb for its medicinal properties and for those it provides in the kitchen. In our recipes it is not uncommon, we use it with vegetables, sauces, fish, meats ... Thyme is one of the fundamental condiments of Mediterranean cuisine due to its versatility. When rubbed, its leaves give off an intense, fragrant and slightly earthy perfume. Its spicy flavor incorporates notes of cloves, camphor and mint, which make it irreplaceable in traditional cuisine. Dried thyme maintains most of its aroma and flavor, making it highly prized as an aromatic herb. Traditionally it is presented on a branch or in leaves, in a glass jar, alone or combined with other aromatic plants such as rosemary, giving rise to Provencal herbs.

WALNOUT (30u.)

Its toothed and green shape gives a nice color to the dishes. Taste of nuts, almond milk, crispy.


The Begonia Flower is in different colors. It has an acidic flavor, but with bittersweet notes that reminds us of a dressing. It is used in carpaccios, ceviches, oysters and Asian dishes.


Its tiny yellow flowers and bright green stalks have a aniseed flavor, with an astringent finish that cleans the mouth of other flavors; fragrance of liquorice very aromatic. It combines well with seafood dishes, fruit salads and Arabic dishes, especially with lamb recipes.


It is an edible mushroom, and can be found near conifers and planifolia trees, in most cases in the shade of holm oaks, cork oaks or oaks. In the summer-autumn season the mushroom appears as an ingredient in many of the dishes of European cuisine.

It is a pleasant mushroom with flavor and has culinary performance both stewed, canned or dry (they can be kept for up to a year at room temperature). The meat is brown and makes it an ideal accompaniment to meats. The mushroom has small traces of amanitins, but in order to be poisoned you have to eat hundreds of kilos.


This mixture has a great variety of flowers in all colors and flavors, from sweet, slightly bitter, herbaceous, aromatic and citrus. This mixture will illuminate your creations.


One of our most special shoots and used by chefs for its taste of citrus skin. It has beautiful green buds shaped like small palm trees. Use it to decorate your dishes with white fish, desserts and even cocktails will surprise you with its great tangerine flavor!.

PARSLEY BUNCH (100 grs.)

Essential in the kitchen of half the world, this aromatic is still quite unknown in our country. We are talking about coriander, also called coriander, coriander or coriander. In addition, unlike other herbs that we use as a condiment in our recipes, in the case of coriander, its use in cooking extends to all its parts, since both the leaves, the stems, the seeds and the fruits are usable. .

The generic name, Coriander Sativa, comes from the Greek Korios which means bedbug, alluding to the unpleasant smell of the fruits of this plant while they are green. Its use is much more frequent in Asian, Caribbean and European cuisine than in our Spanish cuisine, except in the Canarian Community, where its use is also very widespread.


Sisho is known as Japanese basil and is used in a wide variety of dishes. Its flavor and aroma of anise and mint go well with fish dishes, rice and seafood. It is highly appreciated for its bright green leaves.


The lemon Albahaca sprouts offers a tender texture with a strong citrus lemon flavor. It is added to dishes with tomato, garlic, onion or cheese, especially in Mediterranean dishes. Its unique citrus characteristic of lemon marida very well in Asian dishes and desserts. It is also used in fruity cocktails, such as mojitos, margaritas or martinis.


The first thing that comes to us is the power of its aroma; then, already in the mouth, a fresh flavor invades us. A memory is then activated in the head, the sensation of something that is already known but is not. After investigating a moment between learned tastes, we find the answer. That memory evoked by huacatay is almost always described as "a mixture of basil, mint, lemon and tarragon".


The flavor of fragrant geranium flowers ranges from pink, lemon and nutmeg, and can be added to sorbet, ice cream and desserts. The leaves can also be used and added to soups, casseroles and sauces to add flavor.


Its striking purple color will give you that note of color that sets your creations apart. It contains the same flavor as the white and orange carrot.