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The king of spices has aromas of cedar, pepper and flowers; Its flavor is potent: a small strand will season your dish and provide a deep yellow-orange color. It is an essential ingredient in signature dishes from around the world, from paella, seafood and desserts.


This Wasabi powder from the island of Sakhalin has fresh and spicy notes. It is traditionally used as a powder in Japanese cuisine or in the form of a paste. It can be mixed with soy sauce to accompany a poultry. Enhances the taste of fish, sauteed vegetables, vinaigrette, cold soups, baked rabbit, baked chicken, salmon cake, avocado and tomato in glass.

COMBAVA (50gr.)

The Combava is native to Indonesia, it is a very fragrant citrus with an air of green lemon, but it is smaller and more acidic. Its captivating perfume with notes of verbena, lemongrass, ginger and coriander is penetrating and original. Thanks to its intense flavor and incomparable freshness, it is delicious with fish, white meat and broths.


Tonka Bean native to French Guiana is wrinkled and black in shape. It gives off delicate aromas of vanilla and caramel. Its flavor is warm and sweet, with a slight bitterness similar to cocoa. Grated or infused in desserts, fish, vegetables, seafood and white meat.

PEBE NUT (40gr.)

The Nut of Pèbè pods, originating in Cameroon, are also called "false nutmeg". After roasting in the pan, they are peeled and grated or crushed with the mortar. Its acidic and spicy flavor mixes nutmeg and lemon. Its delicate flavors will be better appreciated with fish and white meat.