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This bud has a nice purple color. Its soft earthy taste is very suitable for tasty dishes, although it is also used in sweet dishes. Amarant sprouts have 15% protein. They are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium and amino acids.


The Begonia Flower is in different colors. It has an acidic flavor, but with bittersweet notes that reminds us of a dressing. It is used in carpaccios, ceviches, oysters and Asian dishes.


It has a pleasant taste of nuts with a persistent bitter finish. It is extremely versatile and adds flavor to any dish; incoming seasoning and combines phenomenal with raw meats and raw fish.


The lemon Albahaca sprouts offers a tender texture with a strong citrus lemon flavor. It is added to dishes with tomato, garlic, onion or cheese, especially in Mediterranean dishes. Its unique citrus characteristic of lemon marida very well in Asian dishes and desserts. It is also used in fruity cocktails, such as mojitos, margaritas or martinis.


It has a strong basil aroma that makes it an unmistakable bud. It is a basic element in Mediterranean cuisine, being a surprising complement to fruit salads. It is a good source of protein, vitamins A, C, E K ,B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and magnesium.


Originally from Japan and widely used in Asian cuisine to spice vegetables, rice, soups, fish, salads, sushi, etc. Its flavor is difficult to describe: cinnamon, anise and citrus. The blade is serrated, green on the top and purple on the bottom that make it highly appreciated for decorating dishes.


It is a very tasty, sweet bud with a bitter finish reminiscent of cabbage. The health benefits of broccoli is enormous. It has twice as much vitamin C as spinach and as much as lemon, making it an excellent support for the immune system. For its flavor it is used in salads, soups and creams and in general in all types of savoury dishes.


Calcium Chloride is a calcium salt widely used as a food additive, it acts as a stabilizer and flavor enhancer. It is a chemical, inorganic, mineral compound and its function depends on the type of food to which it is applied.


Petals of pink, red and white colors and toothed shape. Its flavor is sweet, with alimonate aftertaste. Spread the petals over cold creams, fish, ice cream and desserts. Perfect to add color and flavor to fruity drinks and summer cocktails.


Food additive based on a pure carrageenan, standardized to provide uniform gel strength in water. Carrageenan (E-407) is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from red algae of the class Rhodophyceae. Beige powder odorless and tasteless.


The Carrot gives off an aroma of moist forest, with a powerful flavor reminiscent of herbal liqueur. This outbreak has the same vitamins and minerals as a carrot plus chlorophyll and vitamin K. It has a wide range of applications, such as soups, meat dishes and carpaccios.

COCOA BEAN (50gr.)

Coming from Cameroon, it has a bitter, intense flavor and fruity notes. 100% natural cocoa bean is considered by some as a superfood for its nutritional virtues. It is used in desserts, creams or hot chocolate.

copy of GREEN SISHO (30u.)

Sisho is known as Japanese basil and is used in a wide variety of dishes. Its flavor and aroma of anise and mint go well with fish dishes, rice and seafood. It is highly appreciated for its bright green leaves.

copy of LICORICE POWDER (100gr.)

Licorice is native to China and its flavor is sweet and strong with captivating aniseed flavors that remind us of the tastes of our childhood. After the disappearance of the sensations of freshness, an impression of surprising flexibility and sweet tannins is revealed. Very precious with chocolate and fresh fruits, it also sublimates a fondue of leeks, scallops or a duck breast.


The Cilantro Microgreen has a citrus aroma that reminds us of lime skin. Its high vitamin K content makes it a very beneficial outbreak for health. It combines very well with Mexican, Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisines.


It has a characteristic speckled in its buds and a very pleasant pepper flavor, very subtle and watery. It will add a spicy touch to your meat dishes, casseroles and sushis.


Its flavor is slightly spicy, crisp and watery. The radish daikon has many nutrients, including vitamin A and C. As it has a lot of flavor, it can be used as a natural dressing in salads. It’s ideal with white fish.


Its thin and delicate leaves, its aroma of freshly cut grass, with a potent herbal flavor that dissipates and is wrapped in a subtle sweet-aniseed flavor. It is crisp, watery and with an astringent finish that makes it one of our most popular buds Perfect for salads, soups, fish, desserts or with your favorite starter or appetizer!