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Food additive based on a pure carrageenan, standardized to provide uniform gel strength in water. Carrageenan (E-407) is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from red algae of the class Rhodophyceae. Beige powder odorless and tasteless.


Hibiscus flowers have a blueberry flavor with tropical notes. They are used to make iced tea or in cold drinks; chopped hibiscus flowers add an acidic touch to salads and desserts.

copy of LICORICE POWDER (100gr.)

Licorice is native to China and its flavor is sweet and strong with captivating aniseed flavors that remind us of the tastes of our childhood. After the disappearance of the sensations of freshness, an impression of surprising flexibility and sweet tannins is revealed. Very precious with chocolate and fresh fruits, it also sublimates a fondue of leeks, scallops or a duck breast.


El Micro Pepino Melón es muy refrescante y crujiente. Por su increíble aspecto y su sabor ligeramente ácido, con matices dulces y salados, son excelentes para comer solos, en ensaladas o en tus cócteles favoritos.


The king of spices has aromas of cedar, pepper and flowers; Its flavor is potent: a small strand will season your dish and provide a deep yellow-orange color. It is an essential ingredient in signature dishes from around the world, from paella, seafood and desserts.


The Parsley Microgreenhas dark green crunchy leaves with a unique sweet/spicy flavor. Parsley is one of the most used culinary plants that is already available in micro format for the most demanding chefs.


The White Micro Carrot as well as its sister the Micro Carrot and the Purple Micro Carrot will be impressive in your dishes, adding that very characteristic crunch in each bite.

RASPBERRY (60 gr.)

Freeze-dried raspberry has a characteristic sweet and sour taste. Very aromatic Freeze-dried raspberries are delicious in any recipe, even as a snack.

NUTMEG (50gr.)

Nutmeg has a strong and sweet flavor that complements very well the sweet and tasty dishes. Nutmeg is well combined with many cheeses and can be found in the filling of cheese ravioli and cheese dessert fillings. It also goes well with vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and broccoli.