Pectine Nappage (550 gr.)
Pectine Nappage (550 gr.)

Pectine Nappage (550 gr.)

It comes in the form of fine cream-white to light brown powder, with neutral taste and smell. This gel can be used for glacings, jams and other fruit preparations.



CHARACTERISTICS: Pectin is a natural gelling agent of plant origin par excellence. It is obtained from citrus or apple skins.

USES AND APPLICATIONS: this gel can be used for glacings, jams and other fruit preparations,

PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS: Pectin is also used in foods to improve absorption and add fiber to your diet. It is usually used as a thickening agent for foods that need to gel or thicken, such as jams and jellies. Finally, pectin can also be used as a fat substitute in some baked goods. It can contribute to health, specifically through the following benefits: it helps relieve constipation, improves digestive system function and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

FORMAT: 550 gr polypropylene boat.

CONSERVATION: keep in a cool, dry and odor free place.

ALLERGENS: may contain traces of gluten, soy, nuts, molluscs and sesame.



Energy - 640 kJ /160 kcal.

Fat - 0,0g

   Saturates - 0,0g

Carbohydrates - 14,0g

   Sugars - 14,0g

Fibre - 47,0g

Protein - 2,0g

Salt - 14,27 g

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