Calcium Chloride (500 gr.)

Reference: TR600066

Calcium Chloride is a calcium salt widely used as a food additive, it acts as a stabilizer and flavor enhancer. It is a chemical, inorganic, mineral compound and its function depends on the type of food to which it is applied.


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CHARACTERISTICS: it is a mineral food additive, it is used as calcium intake for basic spherification with alginate.



Dilute the amount of calcium chloride to be used with cold water in a container. Shake. It dissolves easily. When the alginate solution is added it is when the spheres are formed.

Guidance doses: 5–8g of calcium chloride per liter of water.


· This solution is used for direct spherification.

To make firm consistency spherifications (mixed with sodium alginate).

· In brewing it accentuates and improves the flavor.

· In the elaboration of cheeses to reinforce the calcium content of a pasteurized milk for a perfect setting.

FORMAT: 500 g polypropylene can.

SHAPE AND COLOR: in the form of white pearls.

INGREDIENTS: Calcium chloride (E-509).

CONSERVATION: keep in a tightly closed container and in a cool and dry place.

ALLERGENS: may contain traces of gluten, soy, milk, sesame and mollusks.



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