Spanish Saffron Thread (2 y 10gr.)

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The king of spices has aromas of cedar, pepper and flowers; Its flavor is potent: a small strand will season your dish and provide a deep yellow-orange color. It is an essential ingredient in signature dishes from around the world, from paella, seafood and desserts.


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FORMAT: 50gr.

Saffron is one of the spices most appreciated for its flavor, aroma and color. This wonderful seasoning is obtained from the stigmas of the flower of the saffron rose, Crocus Sativus, a bulbous plant of the Iridacae family.

Historically it has been used as a medicinal plant. It was brought to Europe by travelers who had discovered its flavor in Asia Minor; It was very produced in Persia, Kashmir and in Macedonia. At the same time it was introduced by the Arabs in the peninsula. Today Iran is the first producer, followed by Spain, Morocco, India and Greece. Saffron blooms at dawn and must be collected instantly, as it quickly withers and its stigmas lose their flavor and aroma. Only a few stigmas of each flower are used, so it makes it so expensive.

Saffron use.

Its flavor is potent with aromas of cedar, pepper and flowers that concentrate both heat, potency and sweetness. It has properties that include its use as an expectorant, sedative and aphrodisiac.

In Spanish cuisine it is present in multiple dishes, especially in rice dishes, in France it is used in "buillaboisse", in Italy in the Milanese rissotto, which acquires a colored flavor with saffron. In the area of ​​Asia, it is widely used in desserts and in Japan, to increase the taste of fish.

A trick to cook with saffron is that it is recommended to crush your strands in a mortar and soak them a few minutes before incorporating it into the dishes, in this way it is better distributed by all foods.

FORMAT: 2gr. - 10gr.

Origin Spain.

INGREDIENTS: Saffron in threads.

CONSERVATION: in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

ALLERGEN: no allergen.



BOTANICAL SPECIES: Crocus sativus.


CROP MODE: cultivated, introduced.

COLOR AND SHAPE: red filaments.


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