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Pack of 10 Oxalis Triangularis rhizomes
Pack of 10 Oxalis Triangularis rhizomes
Pack of 10 Oxalis Triangularis rhizomes

Pack of 10 Oxalis Triangularis rhizomes

Oxalis Triangulris Purpurea is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Oxalidaceae family, it is native to Brazil. It is known as "Butterfly Plant" or false clover due to the similarity of its leaves, but it is not a clover. It is a bulbous plant, the leaves develop directly from a tuberous rhizome or underground corm, they are rhizomes in the form of elongated and narrow corms of about five centimeters in length and one to one and a half centimeters in diameter, they present brown scales in its entire surface. In this pack you will receive 10 rhizomes ready to grow this plant in pots.


The leaves resemble butterflies since the three leaflets or triangular shapes in which they are divided, fold throughout the day, depending on the light they receive. Each leaflet folds over its central vein as if it were an umbrella, especially at dusk and they remain folded at night. The leaves spread out again when the luminosity is accentuated, generally beginning their unfolding at dawn. They can be folded into a very original pyramidal shape, on cloudy days, at dusk and at night.

It blooms from spring to autumn, its flowers are white and small with five oval petals, the flowers grow grouped in thin light green stems that stand out above its vegetation. The contrast between the light flower clusters and the dark leaves is very attractive. The flowers also close as do the leaves at sunset.

 Oxalis Triangularis Purpurea needs a very bright situation but protected from the direct rays of the sun, especially in the central leaves of the day, we can even grow them in full sun if the temperatures are around fifteen degrees but not higher. If the climate is appropriate we can cultivate it in the garden creating masses that cover ground or in small borders. In climates with very cold winters we will grow them indoors or in greenhouses, in a bright place, keeping winter temperatures lower than usual. Outdoors it grows in bright shade but is also very popular as a houseplant.

We will use a substrate rich in peat, humus and sand that facilitates drainage. Plants grown in pots are grateful to be transplanted in spring to sprout more strongly. From spring to early autumn we will apply a little fertilizer for green plants more diluted than usual once a month.

Regular waterings from spring to autumn more frequent with warm temperatures, letting the land dry a little between waterings, excess water is very harmful. In autumn, as temperatures drop and the vegetation wilts, we will distance the waterings until they are eliminated. The leaves of Oxalis Triangularis Purpurea disappear in winter to sprout again in spring. We will resume watering in spring to encourage the sprouting of new leaves.

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