Semilla de Brote Guisante...
Semilla de Brote Guisante...
Semilla de Brote Guisante...
Semilla de Brote Guisante...
Semilla de Brote Guisante...

Semilla de Brote Guisante (100-500-1000 gr.)

If you grow this seed, in about 10 days you will have a crispy sprout, a juicy texture and the same delicious flavor as fresh peas. Its curly shape at the ends make it a very characteristic bud, as many chefs use it to decorate their dishes. It is used in vegetable dishes, fish and side dishes.


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pisum sativum.

CROP METHOD: submerge the seeds in water. In a container about 5 cm high, with holes in the bottom, fill it with

substrate and moisten. Spread the seeds leaving space between them, cover lightly with substrate and moisten. Keep moist, once it germinates, place the container in a place that gives it indirect sunlight.

DIP: 8-12 hrs.

GERMINATION: 5-10 days approx.


FORMAT: 100-500-1000 gr.

TEMPORALITY: seeds available all year.


TASTING: intense raw pea flavor, with a crunchy texture.

PAIRING: artichoke, anise, onion, pork, lamb, parsnip, dill, asparagus, egg, ham, seafood, mint, potato, smoked fish, white fish, fatty fish, chicken, hard cheese, horseradish, rosemary, veal, bacon , fresh bean, cucumber, avocado, Colombian coffee, black tea, butter, rye bread croutons, white chocolate from Dominican Republic, cocoa beans, dark chocolate from Costa Rica, Costa Rican milk chocolate stewed beef sauce, French fries, lobster, roasted peanut, chicken bottom, pumpkin, fresh tomato, chili pepper, cayenne pepper.

USE: cooked, meat dishes, vegetables and as decoration on plates.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: The pea outbreak helps to improve circulation and heart health. This outbreak controls blood sugar levels and is very beneficial for people with diabetes. They have a large amount of magnesium. It is ideal for those people who want to make vegetarian diets because they provide the necessary proteins.


Energy - 110 KJ/26 Kcal

Fat - 1,00 g

   Saturet - 0,02 g

Carbohydrats - 1,30 g

   Azúcares - 0,60 g

Fibre - 2,90 g

Protein - 3,80 g

Salt - 0,07 g

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