Nasturtium seeds for sprouting...
Nasturtium seeds for sprouting...
Nasturtium seeds for sprouting...
Nasturtium seeds for sprouting...

Nasturtium seeds for sprouting (100-500-1000 gr.)

The nasturtium sprout seed creates attractive rounded leaves that are a gourmet delight for their slightly spicy flavor. In a few days you can enjoy its characteristic flavor and its great benefits for your health.



SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tropaleolum majus.

CROP METHOD: submerge the seeds in water. In a container about 5 cm high, with holes in the bottom, fill it with substrate and moisten. Spread the seeds leaving space between them, cover lightly with substrate and moisten. Keep moist, once it germinates, place the container in a place that gives it indirect sunlight.

DIP: 6-8 hrs.

GERMINATION: 7-10 days approx.


FORMAT:  100-500-1000 gr.

TEMPORALITY: seeds available all year.


TASTING: slightly spicy flavor, with the characteristic bitter aftertaste.

PAIRING: celery, cabbage, pea, seafood, honey, smoked fish, white fish, fatty fish, beets, veal, bacon, tomato.

USE: stew, fish dishes, entries with winter broths.

COLOR AND SHAPE: dark green with some streaks.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: The Capuchin Leaf contains antioxidant, cardiotonic, diuretic, expectorant, balsamic, antimicrobial properties. In addition, among its most important active ingredients we can mention above all the presence of vitamin C, antibacterial substances, flavonoids.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION. Each serving of 100grs.

Energy - 105 KJ/25 Kcal

Fat - 0,50 g

   Saturates - 0,02 g

Carbohydrates - 1,90 g

   Sugar - 1,90  g

Fibre - 4,60 g

Protein - 2,10 g

Salt - 0,16 g

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