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Mushrooms Baby Leaves (30u.)

The particularity of the Mushroom Leaf is its mushroom flavor. Its leaves are dark and fleshy green. With this leaf your dishes will have that note of flavor that reminds us of the forest. It is used in meat dishes and winter stews.

New Guinea Vainilla (50gr.)

The New Guinea Vanilla has become one of the most requested vanilla. It has woody and peppery flavors, with hints of tobacco, ginger and roasted nuts. It is perfect for use in sauces and cakes. Because of its rough and spicy taste it can be used in fish dishes and white meat.

Sodium Alginate(400 gr.)

Sodium Alginate is a stabilizer, gelling agent, thickener and film former. It is obtained from seaweed. It is used in desserts, bakery products, ice cream, preserves, salad dressings, sausages, drinks and pastry gels.

Squid ink Powder (250 gr.)

Product obtained from fresh squid ink, selected, mixed and dehydrated. Squid ink powder, black color. Characteristic smell and taste. It is used to give color and flavor to recipes.

Tahiti Vainilla (50gr.)

Tahiti vanilla has a fruity and floral aroma with notes of licorice, cherry, prunes and aromas of fresh fruit. It is a vanilla to use in any cream dessert like Creme Brulée, vanilla custard or custards. They are ideal in fruit desserts, baked or fresh. It is also used in seafood dishes.

YOGUR POWDER (500 gr.)

This delicious and tasty yogurt will amaze you with its powdery texture and slightly sour and bitter taste. It is a very suitable product for all those recipes where strict humidity control is required and you can not apply fresh yogurt (chocolates, chocolates, truffles, confectionery) sauces, ice cream, biscuits, creams, foams and other pastry specialties.