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Bataks Berry (25gr.)

Originally from Indonesia, this berry is one of the most used in Asian cuisine for its citrus and fruity flavor that perfumes all kinds of dishes. You can use sprinkled on sauces, curries, fish, shellfish, meats and even desserts.

Calcium Chloride (500 gr.)

Calcium Chloride is a calcium salt widely used as a food additive, it acts as a stabilizer and flavor enhancer. It is a chemical, inorganic, mineral compound and its function depends on the type of food to which it is applied.

Carnation Edible Flower (45u.)

Petals of pink, red and white colors and toothed shape. Its flavor is sweet, with alimonate aftertaste. Spread the petals over cold creams, fish, ice cream and desserts. Perfect to add color and flavor to fruity drinks and summer cocktails.


Food additive based on a pure carrageenan, standardized to provide uniform gel strength in water. Carrageenan (E-407) is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from red algae of the class Rhodophyceae. Beige powder odorless and tasteless.

Chiloe Berry(25gr.)

This berry is harvested on the island of Chiloé in Chile. Its flavor is candied fruit and camphor with a slight spicy touch. It is used in grilled meats, fish and crustaceans.

Cocoa Bean (50gr.)

Coming from Cameroon, it has a bitter, intense flavor and fruity notes. 100% natural cocoa bean is considered by some as a superfood for its nutritional virtues. It is used in desserts, creams or hot chocolate.

Edible Petals Mix (10gr.)

A cheerful combination of petals by Tagete, Marygold and Chinese Carnation. These delicate and beautiful flowers are petaled by hand. Use them in desserts, salads, frozen in ice cubes, ice cream, lollipops and cocktails or champagne.

Freeze Dried Raspberry (60gr.)

Crunchy lyophilized raspberry pieces that provide an improved way to get the natural flavor of the fruit with a dry texture. Use them in desserts, salads, chocolates, gin tonics as decoration in sweet and savoury lattes.

Fried Onion on Scales (500 gr.)

The fried onion scales have a wonderful aroma, are palatable and crispy. The fried onion in flakes is used as an ingredient to improve the flavor in salads, sandwiches and sauces.


Garam Masala is an aromatic mixture of ground spices used in Indian cuisine. The mixture consists of: fenugreek, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, green cardamom, coriander. It is not a very spicy mixture, it is used for its deep and warm flavor. It is found in numerous recipes for curries, meats or vegetables.

Granulated Orange (1 Kg.)

The lyophilized granulated orange are delicate and light pieces of crispy freeze dried fruit. Perfect for adding texture to desserts. They remain crispy while providing texture and flavor.


This exclusive berry from Laos has a rich orange zest and produces a slight tingling sensation in the tongue. Used in South Asian dishes, combine it with fish, chicken, vegetables and coconut milk sauces.

Madagascar Vanilla (30gr.)

Madagascar Vanilla is one of the most demanding vanilla chefs and pastry chefs. The pods are long and thin, with a rich aroma and very strong sweet vanilla flavor. It is used in meat, fish and desserts.

Micro Mix Carrot (30gr.)

A mix of Micro Carrots in two colors in micro size that will delight your guests. With these striking orange, purple or white colors you will create a wonderful presentation of your dishes.

Micro White Turnip (25u.)

The White Micro Dick will impress you with its attractive micro size. It is crisp, watery and very soft flavor with subtle bitterness. Try it with red meats and stews, although its use is very varied.

Microsalad (100g.)

Microsalad has everything... exquisite beauty, vibrant color, subtle texture and intriguing flavors. A selection of sprouts, leaves and edible flowers make this Microsalad the perfect companion for your dishes.

Mixed Basic

A careful selection of buds of different flavors, broccoli, red kale, komatsuna, mizuna, and radish sprouts. Its color is mainly green with some purple hue.


A careful selection of buds of different flavors, broccoli, red kale, komatsuna, mizuna, and radish sprouts with petals. Its color is mainly green with some purple hue.

Mixed Edible Flowers (20gr.)

This mixture has a great variety of flowers in all colors and flavors, from sweet, slightly bitter, herbaceous, aromatic and citrus. This mixture will illuminate your creations.


The Micromezclum Premium is our most complete blend. Countless flavors in the same product, herbaceous, spicy, sweet, bitter, etc. in the same product. It is extremely versatile, you can use it as a small "bouquet" being the ideal finish to give personality to your creations, both aesthetically and for their flavor.