Bicolor Shiso Microgreen (30gr.)

Reference: 12030007

Originally from Japan and widely used in Asian cuisine to spice vegetables, rice, soups, fish, salads, sushi, etc. Its flavor is difficult to describe: cinnamon, anise and citrus. The blade is serrated, green on the top and purple on the bottom that make it highly appreciated for decorating dishes.


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TASTING NOTES: anise flavor, mint.

AIRS WELL WITHolive, avocado, basil, artichoke, almond, garlic, saffron, peanut, cinnamon, onion, pork, parsley, parsley, chocolate, coconut, cumin, lamb, dill, asparagus, raspberry, strawberry, currant Cilantro, egg, ginger, lime, lemon, mango, apple, seafood, melon, black pudding, turnip, orange, orange, oyster, potato, parsley, cucumber, pear, white, fish, fatty, fish, pineapple, banana, chicken, Goat, washed rind cheese, hard cheese, rhubarb, watermelon, mushrooms, veal, bacon, tomato, grape, vanilla, carrot.

USE:dishes of fish and seafood.

FORMATO: 30 gr.

ORIGIN: Germinarte.

INGREDIENTS: bicolor shiso microgreen

CONSERVATION: between 4º and 6º. Excess moisture can reduce the shelf life of the product. Product washed and ready to consume.

ALLERGENS: may contain traces of mustard. 


TEMPORALITY: available all year.

COLOR AND SHAPE: the leaf is toothed, green in the top and purple in the bottom.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: sisho Bicolor stimulates the body’s immune system. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, has antiinflammatory properties and is believed to help preserve and sterilize other foods.


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