Curly Mustard Microgreen (30gr.)
Curly Mustard Microgreen (30gr.)
Curly Mustard Microgreen (30gr.)
Curly Mustard Microgreen (30gr.)

Curly Mustard Microgreen (30gr.)

It has a characteristic speckled in its buds and a very pleasant pepper flavor, very subtle and watery. It will add a spicy touch to your meat dishes, casseroles and sushis.


TASTING NOTES: very nice peppery flavour. Very subtle and watery.

AIRS WELL WITHcelery, pea, game, smoked fish, white fish, oily fish, beet, beef, bacon, tomato.

USE: sushi, meat and hunted dishes.

FORMATO: 30 gr.

ORIGIN: Germinarte.

INGREDIENTS: curly mustard mcrogreen.

CONSERVATION: between 4º and 6º. Excess moisture can reduce the shelf life of the product. Product washed and ready to consume.

ALLERGENS: contain traces of mustard. 


TEMPORALITY: available all year.

COLOR AND SHAPE: bud with spotted leaves.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: Curly mustard is an outbreak that is characterized by its prevention against cancer. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, iron, calcium, beta carotene and folic acid. It is highly recommended for people who are lactose intolerant, as they are a source of calcium. It is ideal for bronchitis, pleurisy, rheumatism and arthritis, and is stimulating and diuretic.


Energy - 55 KJ/13Kcal

Fat  - 0,50g

   Saturates - 0,02 g

Carbohydrates - 0,50 g

   Sugar - 30,50 g

Fibre - 2,20 g

Protein - 2,20 g

Salt - 0,20 g

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