Thai Red Pepper (50 grs.)

Reference: 40005074

Small chili pepper with medium heat and a lot of aroma, widely used in Asian food.


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TASTING: characteristic flavor, enhances flavors. Medium spicy.

PAIRING: tomato, pepper, celery, hazelnut, peanut, cinnamon, cardamom, onion, coconut, cabbage, cumin, apple, walnut, cucumber, parsley, beef, chicken, oregano, basil, EVOO, watermelon, beet, pork.

USE: sauces, raw to finish dishes.

FORMAT: 50 grs.

ORIGIN: Germinarte.

INGREDIENTS: thai red pepper.

CONSERVATION: between 4ºC and 6ºC. Excess moisture can shorten the shelf life of the product. Product washed and ready to consume.

SHIPPING METHOD: cold transport.

ALLERGENS: may contain traces of mustard.


TIME: July to September.


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