Germinarte is a company that cultivates, harvests and distributes top quality products. We create innovative and beautiful products for gastronomy, such as edible flowers, sprouts and micro&mini vegetables as fresh as if you were picking them from your own garden.

The company started in 2009 in a small family garden in the city of Alzira. Currently, Germinarte distributes its products to thousands of restaurants and since 2018 our products arrive to any home in Spain with our online shop.


Germinarte’s story is that of a period of crisis, of reinventing oneself, of innovating. The founders Juanjo and Jordi Lopez started with 100 euros each, achieving in less than a decade to be a national reference in terms of this type of products, and is that cooks such as Eneko Atxa, Juan Mari and Elena Arzak, Toño Pérez, Martín Berasategui among many others, receive weekly the products of our peculiar minimalist garden, which, although small in size, are appreciated for their enormous flavor.

We started growing sprouts, more than 20 varieties, always making new proposals, since the kitchen is in continuous evolution so we always have to offer novelties. Soon we began to grow edible flowers, creating a multicoloured vegetable garden and adapting it to our dishes, providing aromas and flavours while aesthetically improving the image of the recipes. Later we immersed ourselves in the world of micro vegetables, realizing that the mini vegetables that were in the market were not for the kind of cooking that was being done, they were too big, So we started growing them so they could put whole on the plate. Onions, leeks, carrots of different colours, turnips, beets, fennels, aubergines and peppers make up this micro-garden of small vegetable jewels. 

In 2017 we added to our catalog seaweed and coastal vegetables; novelties that are having great acceptance among our customers. In 2018 we incorporated spices, salts, spice mixtures, peppers and berries, etc. Currently we have more than 120 varieties imported from all over the world, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Hawaii, Guatemala, India, Cameroon, etc.

All this makes Germinarte a peculiar vegetable garden, where the aromas and flavors flood our imagination, a visit enough for a thousand ideas to flutter in our thoughts and arise hundreds of ideas. We have endeavored to give that last touch to the dishes of the chefs, that different flavor that make a dish a work of art...


Juanjo López has a great practical experience in the production and automation of agricultural products and extensive knowledge in the management of equipment. Founded with his brother Jorge in 2009 Germinarte, a company dedicated to the production and marketing of innovative agricultural products for the hotel industry, is currently one of the companies referring to the national level in its sector.

Jorge López is a professional chef and has spent his career in major restaurants throughout Spain. Their knowledge of gastronomy enhances the development of new products and their sales strategies.


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