Purple Oxalis  Baby Leaves (30u.)
Purple Oxalis  Baby Leaves (30u.)

Purple Oxalis Baby Leaves (30u.)

The Óxalis Purple Leaf impresses with its beautiful butterfly shape, with three purple triangular petals. Its acidic flavor, sour but with bittersweet notes, reminds of a dressing. Ideal with sushi, meat dishes and game stews.


TASTING NOTES: sour taste, vinegary but with sweet and sour notes, remember a dressing.

AIRS WELL WITHavocado, garlic, peanut, pork, coconut, cumin, lamb, chilli, lime, lemon, mango, seafood, mint, orange, potato, parsley, whitefish, tropical pineapple, chiken, goat cheese, watermelon, coriander seed, tomato. orange, nutmeg, pear, parsley, banana, chicken, blue cheese, soft cheese, washed rind cheese, hard cheese, beets, mushrooms, beef, grape, vanilla, carrot.

USE: raw fish, salads and marinades.

FORMATO: 30 u.

ORIGIN: Germinarte.

INGREDIENTS: purple oxalis baby leaf.

CONSERVATION: between 4º and 6º. Excess moisture can reduce the shelf life of the product. Product washed and ready to consume.

ALLERGENS: may contain traces of mustard. 


TEMPORALITY: available all year.

COLOR AND SHAPE: dark purple or purple and three butterfly shaped leaves.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: is rich in vitamin C and has diuretic and refreshing properties, meaning it is useful for treating urinary tract infections and fevers. Purple Oxalis is also used for indigestion or as an appetite stimulant.

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