Coriander Bunch (100 grs.)

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Essential in the kitchen of half the world, this aromatic is still quite unknown in our country. We are talking about coriander, also called coriander, coriander or coriander. In addition, unlike other herbs that we use as a condiment in our recipes, in the case of coriander, its use in cooking extends to all its parts, since both the leaves, the stems, the seeds and the fruits are usable. .

The generic name, Coriander Sativa, comes from the Greek Korios which means bedbug, alluding to the unpleasant smell of the fruits of this plant while they are green. Its use is much more frequent in Asian, Caribbean and European cuisine than in our Spanish cuisine, except in the Canarian Community, where its use is also very widespread.


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TASTING: coriander aroma with lime peel flavor. It is a very aromatic product.

PAIRING: basil, lemon zest, rosemary, thyme, black tea, cinnamon, sage, cardamom, raspberry, bergamot, tarragon, pepper, carrot, ginger, fresh tomato, passion fruit, guava, green tea, apricot, zest Tangerine, Mint, Oregano, Japanese Yuzu, Tomato Juice, Nectarine, Tomato, Mango, Orange Peel, Peach, Damascus Rose, Cranberry, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Fennel, Dill, Laurel, Parsley, Lemongrass.

USE: starters, fish and desserts. Asian dishes and ceviches.

FORMAT: 100 gr.

ORIGIN: Germinarte.

INGREDIENTS: coriander.

CONSERVATION: between 4ºC and 6ºC. Excess moisture can shorten the life of the product. Product washed and ready to consume.

SHIPPING METHOD: cold transport.

ALLERGENS: May contain traces of mustard.


TEMPORALITY: available all year.

COLOR AND SHAPE: round and serrated green leaves.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: Coriander is very rich in antioxidants: Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, Quercetin and Rutoside. It helps control the level of diabetes in the blood after meals and is a very suitable outbreak for people with diabetes. It is a powerful natural diuretic.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION. Each serving of 100grs.

Energy - 109 KJ / 26Kcal

Fat - 0.50 g

   Saturated - 0.10 g

Carbohydrates - 2.50 g

   Sugars - 1.80 g

Fiber - 2.00 g

Proteins - 4.10 g

Salt - 1.55 g

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