Edible flowers

Our wide floral range, with its brightness and delicacy, brings aromas and color to your creations. All edible, although some of them only the petals, follow our instructions for use to have a better use. The magic of flowers ready to boost your recipes.

Edible flowers

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Tagete Edible Flower (20u.)

Beautiful and vibrant flowers ranging from yellow and orange with red tones and shape of curly pompon. Slightly citrus and bitter taste. The dream of any chef to add color to salads, carpaccios and desserts. Only petals are used.

Fennel Edible Flower (50u.)

Its tiny yellow flowers and bright green stalks have a aniseed flavor, with an astringent finish that cleans the mouth of other flavors; fragrance of liquorice very aromatic. It combines well with seafood dishes, fruit salads and Arabic dishes, especially with lamb recipes.

Garlic Edible Flower (40u.)

The Garlic Blossom is pink or white with star petals. Its flavor has a touch of garlic that highlights the ingredients that accompany it. It is wonderful in salads, meats, tortillas, soups and creams.

Edible Petals Mix (10gr.)

A cheerful combination of petals by Tagete, Marygold and Chinese Carnation. These delicate and beautiful flowers are petaled by hand. Use them in desserts, salads, frozen in ice cubes, ice cream, lollipops and cocktails or champagne.

Mini Pansy edible Flower (30u.)

This small flower flavored with nuts provide a cheerful color to a salad or a dessert. It is also used in white fish and red meats. They can crystallize to decorate pastries or creamy desserts.

Mixed Edible Flowers (20gr.)

This mixture has a great variety of flowers in all colors and flavors, from sweet, slightly bitter, herbaceous, aromatic and citrus. This mixture will illuminate your creations.

Pentax Edible Flower (6 CLUSTERS)

This small pink, red, white or purple flower of five petals is shaped like a star. Its flavor is soft and sweet. Its small size and delicate appearance make it an elegant decorative ingredient for fish dishes and entrances. In desserts and cocktails will add a spark of color.

Carnation Edible Flower (45u.)

Petals of pink, red and white colors and toothed shape. Its flavor is sweet, with alimonate aftertaste. Spread the petals over cold creams, fish, ice cream and desserts. Perfect to add color and flavor to fruity drinks and summer cocktails.

Sanp Dragon Edible Flower (30u.)

This unusual bell shaped flower features a variety of red, yellow, pink and white watermelons and a slightly bitter touch. Its use is very versatile, as side dishes and salads; it is used in fillings and fried tempura.