"Granja Cantagrullas" Dairy

The origin of the name of the Farm is eloquent. One day, by chance, we heard about a “Cantagrullas stream” from a neighbor of the town. Looking for possible origins we find that it is a place name of this region, of the Ataquines area, the municipality with which Ramiro adjoins the south. It is a place where cranes habitually stopped to rest on their long migratory journey from North Africa to Central Europe and the Nordic countries and vice versa.

This name hints at the songs these birds make when they travel in large flocks. Over the years, the cranes stop less and less around here, because the water level has decreased and the wash basins that once characterized the landscape no longer form, except in very rainy years.

Thus, by coining the name Cantagrullas to our project, we want to claim a way of life that is respectful with the environment that gives us sustenance.

We rescue traditional and craftsmanship, acquired over several generations, but without renouncing the benefits of technical advances and technological advances applied to production systems, which allows us to produce products of excellent quality.

"Granja Cantagrullas" Dairy

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