"Rey Silo" Dairy

The Rey Silo

The variety of the type of cheese Rey Silo is one of the most widespread in Asturias, in

where it has been made since time immemorial in small scattered farmhouses

through the valleys and mountains of the central area of ​​the Principality taking advantage of the

milk surplus produced by these small livestock farms.

The Rey Silo cheese has a minimum dry matter content of 30%, as well as a

minimum content on dry fat and protein extract of between 45% and 35%, respectively.

The King Silo has a frusto-conical shape, weighing between 240 and 280 grams, and a

natural bark of variable consistency, depending on the degree of maturation,

produced by the mold geotricum, with which it is refined.

The red Rey Silo variety, to which a selection of paprika is added, is more

typical of the mining areas around the Aramo mountains.

The King Silo is the only one, of this variety, that is made with whole and raw cow's milk as it was done in the past, from which a soft paste lactic curd is obtained, which turns orange if you add a selection of paprika .

"Rey Silo" Dairy

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