From the best gardens we bring you the best naturally grown vegetables, as was done in the past, without using toxic products, respecting the natural balance of ecosystems. Vegetables matured in the plant, from seeds not genetically modified so that you can rediscover that flavor that only the Sun and the earth is capable of providing to vegetables.


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Mushrooms Chantarelle (200 grs.)

It is an edible mushroom, and can be found near conifers and planifolia trees, in most cases in the shade of holm oaks, cork oaks or oaks. In the summer-autumn season the mushroom appears as an ingredient in many of the dishes of European cuisine.

It is a pleasant mushroom with flavor and has culinary performance both stewed, canned or dry (they can be kept for up to a year at room temperature). The meat is brown and makes it an ideal accompaniment to meats. The mushroom has small traces of amanitins, but in order to be poisoned you have to eat hundreds of kilos.


A careful selection of buds of different flavors, broccoli, red kale, komatsuna, mizuna, and radish sprouts with petals. Its color is mainly green with some purple hue.

Rosemary Bunch (100 grs.)

Thyme is an excellent aromatic herb for its medicinal properties and for those it provides in the kitchen. In our recipes it is not uncommon, we use it with vegetables, sauces, fish, meats ... Thyme is one of the fundamental condiments of Mediterranean cuisine due to its versatility. When rubbed, its leaves give off an intense, fragrant and slightly earthy perfume. Its spicy flavor incorporates notes of cloves, camphor and mint, which make it irreplaceable in traditional cuisine. Dried thyme maintains most of its aroma and flavor, making it highly prized as an aromatic herb. Traditionally it is presented on a branch or in leaves, in a glass jar, alone or combined with other aromatic plants such as rosemary, giving rise to Provencal herbs.

Purple Basil Microgreen (30gr.)

The Purple Basil Microgreen has beautiful dark purple leaves that add an intense color to your creations that complements with a pleasant aroma of fresh basil. It is used in Mediterranean dishes and desserts. 

Fennel Edible Flower (50u.)

Its tiny yellow flowers and bright green stalks have a aniseed flavor, with an astringent finish that cleans the mouth of other flavors; fragrance of liquorice very aromatic. It combines well with seafood dishes, fruit salads and Arabic dishes, especially with lamb recipes.

Micro White Turnip (25u.)

The White Micro Dick will impress you with its attractive micro size. It is crisp, watery and very soft flavor with subtle bitterness. Try it with red meats and stews, although its use is very varied.

Daikon Radish Microgreen (30gr.)

Its flavor is slightly spicy, crisp and watery. The radish daikon has many nutrients, including vitamin A and C. As it has a lot of flavor, it can be used as a natural dressing in salads. It’s ideal with white fish.

White Shimeji Mushrooms (150 grs.)

These Japanese mushrooms have a characteristic bitter taste, but it is eliminated with cooking, so it is recommended that shimeji mushrooms be cooked before eating, but they can also be eaten raw. They are tasty, as with other mushrooms, reminiscent of nuts, a mild nutty flavor, and can accompany very well all kinds of food, from vegetables to meat and fish, and of course, pasta, legumes and more. Another of the qualities of this species of mushroom is its texture, firm but tender.

Mixed Baby Leaves

The Baby leaves mézclum is a mixture of bud varieties with the perfect ratio in terms of color, texture, flavor and aroma that make it a highly appreciated blend among chefs. Its mixture includes amaranth, broccoli, Lombard cabbage, fennel, arugula, red kale, komatsuna and mizuna.

Red Cabbage Microgreen (30gr.)

The Red Cabbage Microgreen bud has a mild and sweet taste. It contains high levels of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, as well as being rich in magnesium and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is used in stews and meat dishes.

Huacatay Baby Leaves (30 ud.)

The first thing that comes to us is the power of its aroma; then, already in the mouth, a fresh flavor invades us. A memory is then activated in the head, the sensation of something that is already known but is not. After investigating a moment between learned tastes, we find the answer. That memory evoked by huacatay is almost always described as "a mixture of basil, mint, lemon and tarragon".

Garlic Edible Flower (40u.)

The Garlic Blossom is pink or white with star petals. Its flavor has a touch of garlic that highlights the ingredients that accompany it. It is wonderful in salads, meats, tortillas, soups and creams.

Micro Mix Carrot (30gr.)

A mix of Micro Carrots in two colors in micro size that will delight your guests. With these striking orange, purple or white colors you will create a wonderful presentation of your dishes.

Carrot Microgreen (30gr.)

The Carrot gives off an aroma of moist forest, with a powerful flavor reminiscent of herbal liqueur. This outbreak has the same vitamins and minerals as a carrot plus chlorophyll and vitamin K. It has a wide range of applications, such as soups, meat dishes and carpaccios.

Mushrooms Eryngii (500 grs.)

Pleurotus eryngii is a species of basidiomycete fungus of the order Agaricales. It is distributed in the countries of the Mediterranean basin and is one of the best-known mushroom species in Spain and highly appreciated for its flavor.

It is a mushroom with a tender consistency, of tight but flexible meat, very pleasant, just like its flavor, soft and sweet, which enhances the umami with cooking. It is also a very versatile mushroom in the kitchen, different cooking methods favor it although each one will have their preferences, it is a good mushroom to dry or prepare in a can, and it harmonizes with all kinds of food, vegetables, legumes, rice and pasta, fish, seafood, meats ... and as we always say about mushrooms, with a lot to offer in sweet preparations.


The Micromezclum Premium is our most complete blend. Countless flavors in the same product, herbaceous, spicy, sweet, bitter, etc. in the same product. It is extremely versatile, you can use it as a small "bouquet" being the ideal finish to give personality to your creations, both aesthetically and for their flavor.

Tangerine Microgreen (30gr.)

One of our most special shoots and used by chefs for its taste of citrus skin. It has beautiful green buds shaped like small palm trees. Use it to decorate your dishes with white fish, desserts and even cocktails will surprise you with its great tangerine flavor!.