Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

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CHAMOMILE (25 gr.)

These flowers are mainly used in infusions, but you can also sprinkle them with sauces and vegetables, as a condiment. It wonderfully aromatizes a red fruit jelly, homemade jams, homemade fruit sorbets, apple compotes or preparations with chocolate (mousses, cakes, creams).

ROSE BUDS (15gr.)

Its beautiful pink colour makes it a surprising decorative flower and an original ingredient. Its delicate and enveloping aroma will bring refinement and modernity to desserts with chocolate, homemade creams, strawberry clafoutis, iced tea, a sorbet or a fruit salad. You can also use these rose buttons to aromatize a glass of champagne.


Dried hibiscus flowers reveal all their fruity and acidified flavors; They are delicious in infusion, hot or cold infusion, but they can also bring their crunchy texture and sour touch to a crumble! In infusion in sugar syrup, they give their magnificent red color to a rice pudding or a cocktail.


Dry yellow or white flower, with delicate fragrances and fruity flavor, is cultivated mostly in China. Its captivating aroma perfumes with delicious creams, ice creams and financiers. Combine it with crème brûlée to add an original touch, with a dessert or you can also put a few flowers in infusion with your iced tea... a delight!


Dry Cuisine Lavender is native to France, in the mountainous region of Provence. For culinary use, the floral and slightly sweet taste of lavender makes it widely adaptable. They can be used as an herb added to meat and salads, to dressings and condiments. It can be added to cheeses; mixed in teas, chocolate and baked goods.