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Freeze Dried Raspberry (60gr.)

Crunchy lyophilized raspberry pieces that provide an improved way to get the natural flavor of the fruit with a dry texture. Use them in desserts, salads, chocolates, gin tonics as decoration in sweet and savoury lattes.

Crunch Passion Fruit(150 gr.)

Freeze-dried Crunch Passion Fruit has a slightly acidic flavor that will add an exotic tropical touch to your dishes. This lyophilisate adds flavor, texture and crunch to any dish or dessert.

Raspberry Pieces(1 kg.)

Product obtained by ultra-rapid concentration from raspberry purees and other added ingredients. Fruit pieces (5x10x5mm) red colour. Typical odour and flavour of fruit.

Freeze Dried Strawberry(50 gr.)

These strawberries were harvested at full maturity and dried by the lyophilization process. They maintain their characteristic bright red color and the sweet, pleasant and dry taste. You will enjoy its natural flavor in sweet and savory dishes.

Apple in Dice(1 Kg.)

Freeze dried apples are more versatile than many think: they can be used in a variety of recipes that include sauces, spicy sauces, party and party mixes, oatmeal, cereals, cookies, cakes and bread puddings.

Freezedried Mango (200gr.)

he freezedried Mango Crunch is crunchy and delicious as a snack, mixed with your favorite yogurt or ice cream. You will love the sweet, tropical taste of this healthy freeze-dried.

Granulated Orange (1 Kg.)

The lyophilized granulated orange are delicate and light pieces of crispy freeze dried fruit. Perfect for adding texture to desserts. They remain crispy while providing texture and flavor.