Now you can enjoy a selection of natural ingredients designed to decorate or accompany your dishes that will help you create more attractive recipes.


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Granulated Orange (1 Kg.)

The lyophilized granulated orange are delicate and light pieces of crispy freeze dried fruit. Perfect for adding texture to desserts. They remain crispy while providing texture and flavor.

Honey Powder (400 gr.)

Specialty obtained from honey. The low temperatures during drying allow to preserve all the flavor, color and nutritional characteristics of the original honey. It comes in the form of fine white powder.

Freeze Dried Strawberry(50 gr.)

These strawberries were harvested at full maturity and dried by the lyophilization process. They maintain their characteristic bright red color and the sweet, pleasant and dry taste. You will enjoy its natural flavor in sweet and savory dishes.

RASPBERRY (60 gr.)

Freeze-dried raspberry has a characteristic sweet and sour taste. Very aromatic Freeze-dried raspberries are delicious in any recipe, even as a snack.

Calcium Chloride (500 gr.)

Calcium Chloride is a calcium salt widely used as a food additive, it acts as a stabilizer and flavor enhancer. It is a chemical, inorganic, mineral compound and its function depends on the type of food to which it is applied.

Raspberry Pieces(1 kg.)

Product obtained by ultra-rapid concentration from raspberry purees and other added ingredients. Fruit pieces (5x10x5mm) red colour. Typical odour and flavour of fruit.