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YOGUR POWDER (500 gr.)

This delicious and tasty yogurt will amaze you with its powdery texture and slightly sour and bitter taste. It is a very suitable product for all those recipes where strict humidity control is required and you can not apply fresh yogurt (chocolates, chocolates, truffles, confectionery) sauces, ice cream, biscuits, creams, foams and other pastry specialties.

Yogur Crunch (150 gr.)

This delicious and tasty freeze-dried yogurt will amaze you with its crunchy texture. It combines perfectly in tea, cold fruit soup, desserts, dietary meals, muesli bars, chocolate, bakery products.

Squid ink Powder (250 gr.)

Product obtained from fresh squid ink, selected, mixed and dehydrated. Squid ink powder, black color. Characteristic smell and taste. It is used to give color and flavor to recipes.

Spinach Powder (350 gr.)

Product obtained from dehydrated spinach. Fine and bright green powder. Characteristic smell and taste. It is also of great interest for its flavor and convenience in sauces, biscuits, creams, foams and other specialties.

Sodium Alginate(400 gr.)

Sodium Alginate is a stabilizer, gelling agent, thickener and film former. It is obtained from seaweed. It is used in desserts, bakery products, ice cream, preserves, salad dressings, sausages, drinks and pastry gels.

Red Beet Powder (500 gr.)

Ideal to thicken any type of preparation while it is enriched with the flavor, color and nutritional benefits of fresh vegetables (creams, sauces, foams, souffles).

Raspberry Pieces(1 kg.)

Product obtained by ultra-rapid concentration from raspberry purees and other added ingredients. Fruit pieces (5x10x5mm) red colour. Typical odour and flavour of fruit.

Pectine Nappage (550 gr.)

It comes in the form of fine cream-white to light brown powder, with neutral taste and smell. This gel can be used for glacings, jams and other fruit preparations.

Honey Powder (400 gr.)

Specialty obtained from honey. The low temperatures during drying allow to preserve all the flavor, color and nutritional characteristics of the original honey. It comes in the form of fine white powder.

Granulated Orange (1 Kg.)

The lyophilized granulated orange are delicate and light pieces of crispy freeze dried fruit. Perfect for adding texture to desserts. They remain crispy while providing texture and flavor.

Fried Onion on Scales (500 gr.)

The fried onion scales have a wonderful aroma, are palatable and crispy. The fried onion in flakes is used as an ingredient to improve the flavor in salads, sandwiches and sauces.

Freezedried Mango (200gr.)

he freezedried Mango Crunch is crunchy and delicious as a snack, mixed with your favorite yogurt or ice cream. You will love the sweet, tropical taste of this healthy freeze-dried.

Freeze Dried Strawberry(50 gr.)

These strawberries were harvested at full maturity and dried by the lyophilization process. They maintain their characteristic bright red color and the sweet, pleasant and dry taste. You will enjoy its natural flavor in sweet and savory dishes.

Freeze Dried Raspberry (60gr.)

Crunchy lyophilized raspberry pieces that provide an improved way to get the natural flavor of the fruit with a dry texture. Use them in desserts, salads, chocolates, gin tonics as decoration in sweet and savoury lattes.

Dextrine (2 Kg.)

Drextin is used to get much more crispy fried. Also in frying or temperate pastes it makes them resist the crunch longer and absorb less fat. Also used as a sugar substitute in biscuit and biscuit doughs.

Crunch Passion Fruit(150 gr.)

Freeze-dried Crunch Passion Fruit has a slightly acidic flavor that will add an exotic tropical touch to your dishes. This lyophilisate adds flavor, texture and crunch to any dish or dessert.

Carragenate Soft Gel Iota (500 grs.)

Food additive based on a pure carrageenan, standardized to provide uniform gel strength in water. Carrageenan (E-407) is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from red algae of the class Rhodophyceae. Beige powder odorless and tasteless.