Salt seaweed

Salt seaweed

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Wakame in Salt (100gr.)

Its texture is slightly crispy and fleshy, with a sweet taste and subtle marine touches. It is essential in Japanese food, in salads, soups and can also be used as a side dish and incorporated into stews.

Sea Spaghetti in Salt (100gr.)

This soft-tasting seaweed reminiscent of a shellfish-flavored bean has an al dente texture and easily absorbs the flavors with which it shares a pan. Try it as an alternative to (or combined with) noodle pasta and in soups, stews and baked goods and it is delicious in a salad. Sea Spaghetti has a high nutritional value. In fact, this seaweed is particularly rich in fiber and protein, and low in fat.

kombu in Salt (100gr.)

Kombu Seaweed is a basic ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Its flavor is intense and iodized, we could describe it as umami. As an ingredient it is very versatile, from broths, garnish in fish dishes, stews and rice. It has a high content of iodine, vitamin K, folate, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Sea Lettuce in Salt(100gr.)

This mollusk-flavored seaweed, very similar to cockle, gives off a scent of sea breeze. It is used in a wide variety of dishes, salads, soups, creams, croquettes, sushi, scrambled eggs and as a garnish for fish dishes. It is very rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, essential vitamins A, B, C, B12 and a large amount of fiber.

Irish Moss in Salt(100gr.)

This type of algae has been used for centuries in Ireland for its nutritional properties. Its strong ocean aroma and crustacean flavor make this seaweed used in many current rice, scrambled, soups, stews, pasta recipes, as a garnish in fish or seafood dishes. It is very rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, and particularly high in magnesium.