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Medium grain rice originating from Italy, traditionally used to cook risottos. It differs from other Italian varieties for its higher starch content, firmer texture and larger grain size.

Especially indicated for risottos. Also indicated for cooking broth, syrupy rice and rice pudding. Approximate cooking time: 25 minutes.


Specially cultivated for the preparation of traditional Japanese and Middle Eastern dishes. After cooking, the beans adhere to each other without losing their integrity. Perfect rice to prepare Sushi.

Wash seven times and soak half an hour before cooking. Cook over low heat and covered. Two proportions of water for one of rice. Approximate cooking time: 14 minutes.

Integral Rice "Riuet" 1 KG.

Brown rice from the typical Spanish varieties. Exceptionally healthy for being very rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and other essential elements. Highly recommended for healthy or vegetarian diets.

Used for the preparation of side dishes and salads, as well as vegetable paella. Soak the night before and boil with excess water. Approximate cooking time: 30 minutes.

Quinoa "Riuet" 800 GRS.

It is a pseudo-cereal originating in the Andes mountain range. It is the only food in the plant kingdom that has all the essential amino acids. Suitable for all kinds of diets. Its regular consumption prevents cardiovascular and digestive diseases. Does not contain gluten.

Recommended for main dishes, side dishes, salads or desserts. Wash before cooking. Three proportions of water per part of grains. Approximate cooking time: 15 minutes.

Long Rice "Riuet" 1 KG.

This variety is of Asian origin, although cultivated in Spain. Our long rice is always loose after cooking due to its special characteristics. It is the most widely used rice internationally.

Used for the preparation of side dishes and salads. Two proportions of water for one of rice. Approximate cooking time: 14 minutes.

Round Rice "Riuet" 1 KG.

Rice of exceptional quality, selected from among the descendant varieties of the ancient "Senia and Bahía" (varieties famous for their great capacity to absorb the flavor of the broths in which they are cooked). It is essential in Spanish cuisine.

Recommended for Spanish dishes, especially paella. Use two proportions of water for one of rice. Approximate cooking time: 17 minutes.

Prohibited Rice "Riuet" 1 KG.

It was cultivated thousands of years ago in ancient China and was considered such an exquisite delicacy that only the imperial family could eat it. It was forbidden for everyone else. Round black grain with a very particular smell and flavor.

Let it soak for several hours before consuming. Recommended as garnishes and in salad. Boil with excess water. Approximate cooking time: 35 minutes.

Peppermint Bunch (100 grs.)

Peppermint is used in gastronomy as a condiment to give its flavor and intense, fresh aroma to numerous preparations. With its stems and leaves, sauces are made as a garnish that accompany meat dishes, generally lamb.

Freeze Dried Raspberry (60gr.)

Crunchy lyophilized raspberry pieces that provide an improved way to get the natural flavor of the fruit with a dry texture. Use them in desserts, salads, chocolates, gin tonics as decoration in sweet and savoury lattes.

Fresh Oyster Leaf (25gr.)

The Oyster Leaf is a coastal vegetable widely used in professional kitchens. Its great peculiarity is its oyster flavor with notes of cucumber and iodine. Perfect for use in salads, seafood and fish dishes or even with ham. It is one of the ingredients of the famous cocktail "Oyster Martini".

Naga Chili (20gr.)

This chili is one of the hottest in the world and has a characteristic fruity and powerful flavor. It is used whole in sauces or marinades. Enhances the taste of white fish in sauce, chili con carne, pizza and flavored oils, marinated meats, homemade risottos and gazpachos.

Green Szechuan Berry (50gr.)

Green Szechuan Berry provides a strong citrus flavor with notes of juniper and jasmine. Its pimples have a unique property that makes the mouth vibrate while consumed. Dried and ground, crushed, infused or roasted, it combines well with seafood and broths, and turns out to be explosive with chocolate.

Tagete Edible Flower (20u.)

Beautiful and vibrant flowers ranging from yellow and orange with red tones and shape of curly pompon. Slightly citrus and bitter taste. The dream of any chef to add color to salads, carpaccios and desserts. Only petals are used.

Parsley Seeds for Microgeens...

Parsley microgreens are excellent to flavor most any dish. Great as a garnish, or other application where a parsley flavor would contribute. Micro parsley is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Longer germination and growing rate. Does best in soil. 21+ days.

Mizuna Seeds for Sprouting...

Mizuna is an Asian vegetable that adapts to both cold and heat. It is a good source of protein, vitamin A, C, E and K and a very good source of dietary fiber. It is widely used in Japanese cuisine in sushis, white fish and in winter broths for its flavor.

Curry Rendang (100gr.)

The Rendang Curry is a mixture of different spices and aromatic herbs, a little spicy and with a unique and delicious flavor. It is native to the Minangkabau people (Indonesia) and very popular in Malaysia, Singapore and southern Philippines and Thailand.

Paprika (100gr.)

This dried and crushed sweet pepper, emblem of the Zitava River region, gives a light sweet taste and a magnificent red color to all its salty dishes. Its moderately spicy, iodized and very smoky notes give it exceptional character and spicy notes. Use it in a creamy sauce to accompany smoked fish, vegetables or meat.

Micro Purple Carrot (20u.)

Its striking purple color will give you that note of color that sets your creations apart. It contains the same flavor as the white and orange carrot.

Purple Radish Microgreen (30gr.)

If you like radish, you will love this bud for its refreshing and spicy flavor. It has multiple health benefits, vitamin A, B, C, E and K, contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, amino acids and antioxidants. For its color and flavor it is one of the buds most appreciated by the chefs.

Tonka Bean (50 GRS.)

Tonka Bean native to French Guiana is wrinkled and black in shape. It gives off delicate aromas of vanilla and caramel. Its flavor is warm and sweet, with a slight bitterness similar to cocoa. Grated or infused in desserts, fish, vegetables, seafood and white meat.