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New Guinea Vainilla (50gr.)

The New Guinea Vanilla has become one of the most requested vanilla. It has woody and peppery flavors, with hints of tobacco, ginger and roasted nuts. It is perfect for use in sauces and cakes. Because of its rough and spicy taste it can be used in fish dishes and white meat.

Tahiti Vainilla (50gr.)

Tahiti vanilla has a fruity and floral aroma with notes of licorice, cherry, prunes and aromas of fresh fruit. It is a vanilla to use in any cream dessert like Creme Brulée, vanilla custard or custards. They are ideal in fruit desserts, baked or fresh. It is also used in seafood dishes.

Madagascar Vanilla (30gr.)

Madagascar Vanilla is one of the most demanding vanilla chefs and pastry chefs. The pods are long and thin, with a rich aroma and very strong sweet vanilla flavor. It is used in meat, fish and desserts.