Hot Chilies

Hot Chilies

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Bird Chili (25gr.)

One of the most powerful in the world, from Uganda. This chili, with its power of 9/10 on the Scoville scale, gives off a very strong and sweet taste. It is used to enhance sauces, dishes with "rougails", grills, vegetable pancakes or soups. Add it whole to your braised dishes (no more than one pepper!) Or pizza oil.

Habanero Chili (15gr.)

Habanero Chile, originally from Mexico, grows in this paradise of gastronomy, near vanilla and chocolate. Powerful, hot, scorching, Habanero Chile has an amazing dry apricot smell. It can be prepared in chili sauce, tomato sauce, short broth and mayonnaise sauce. Use with parsimony.

Naga Chili (20gr.)

This chili is one of the hottest in the world and has a characteristic fruity and powerful flavor. It is used whole in sauces or marinades. Enhances the taste of white fish in sauce, chili con carne, pizza and flavored oils, marinated meats, homemade risottos and gazpachos.