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Cocoa Bean (50gr.)

Coming from Cameroon, it has a bitter, intense flavor and fruity notes. 100% natural cocoa bean is considered by some as a superfood for its nutritional virtues. It is used in desserts, creams or hot chocolate.

Blue Opium Poppy(50gr.)

The Blue Opium Poppy is a small seed with a light, hazelnut and crunchy aroma. It is mainly used in breads, cakes, rolls, cookies and salads to add flavor and texture.

Black Cardamom (100gr.)

Black Cardamom gives off mentholated and camphor flavors, but is also smoky, impetuous and bold. These intense and heady notes make this spice one of the most desired by chefs around the world. Use it ground just before serving the dish: on roasted pineapple, farm poultry or oriental preparations.

Achiote (50gr.)

The achiote brings an orange tint to the dishes and gives a slight earthy flavor to the food. It is usually used in Mexican or Asian cuisine to color a sauce or a plate of rice.