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Kampot Red Pepper (50gr.)

Kampot Red Pepper is obtained by soaking red berries in boiling water and then in ice water, immediately after harvesting. At the level of smell, this red Kampot pepper, with its fruity and flowery notes, recalls a compote of fruits. It tastes like vanilla and candied citrus. The ally of its fish, crustaceans and white meat.


This rare berry from Nepal has an intense aroma of tangerine and lemon. Its floral, mildly bitter taste can be enjoyed in sweet or savory baked goods, in vegetables and will surprise you in seafood and cocktails.


This exclusive berry from Laos has a rich orange zest and produces a slight tingling sensation in the tongue. Used in South Asian dishes, combine it with fish, chicken, vegetables and coconut milk sauces.

Chiloe Berry(25gr.)

This berry is harvested on the island of Chiloé in Chile. Its flavor is candied fruit and camphor with a slight spicy touch. It is used in grilled meats, fish and crustaceans.

Red Long Pepper of kampot- (50gr.)

Long Red Pepper is grown in Cambodia. Its extraordinary notes of bitter cocoa and tonka beans will perfectly match a sweet-salty preparation (for example, chicken with honey). Its flavors that subtly evoke the wood and its warm and soft attack will enhance the flavor of a game meat, a cocoa dessert or a sauce with red wine.


The Red Szechuan Berry gives freshness to your dishes by adding a touch of pepper and lemon. Combine with dishes with vegetables, fish, foie and also with sweets such as chocolate, strawberries and sorbets.

Malam Berry (50gr.)

Coming from Cameroon, it has fruity and smoky notes, aromas of soft red fruit, as well as subtle menthol and camphor flavors. Ideal with poultry.

Juniper Berry (25 GRS.)

Juniper Berry from Macedonia has an acidic and resinous flavor. It matches wonderfully with all kinds of meat dishes. It is also used for infusions during cooking.

Timiz Pepper (25gr.)

Originally from Ethiopia, it is harvested and dried by hand, this process gives it its smoky smell. Timiz pepper gives off an intense aroma of tobacco and resin. It will perfectly match a terrine of bird livers, with fresh cheese, olive oil and fresh herbs, or also with a bitter chocolate dessert.

Green Szechuan Berry (50gr.)

Green Szechuan Berry provides a strong citrus flavor with notes of juniper and jasmine. Its pimples have a unique property that makes the mouth vibrate while consumed. Dried and ground, crushed, infused or roasted, it combines well with seafood and broths, and turns out to be explosive with chocolate.

Pink Pepper (50 gr.)

Originally from Madagascar, this berry has a resinous aroma, sweet and slightly spicy flavors; release vegetable notes of coriander and juniper. They match salmon, foie, pasta, a fish or vegetable soup.

Passion Berry (25gr.)

Coming from Ethiopia, this berry gives off exotic and sweet notes that remind us of the fruit of passion. Combine them with roasted fish, dishes with vegetables, sauces, desserts and infusions.

Voatsiperifery Pepper(50gr.)

Originally from Madagascar, it grows in the wild, at 30 meters high which makes its collection very complicated. Its scented flavor expresses, on a fruity background, strong notes of burnt herbs. It is perfectly combined with chocolate, creamy or melted.

Baya de Tasmania (25gr.)

The Tasmanian berry has a perfume with sweet notes of blackberry, and then it has intense touches that leave a mild anesthetic sensation in the mouth. Tasmania pepper is used in Australian cuisine with red meat, seafood, fish skewers or marinade.

Phu Quoc Black Pepper (50gr.)

Phu Quoc black pepper in China is harvested by hand before maturity and then dried in the sun. It gives off leather fragrances and wild and sweet notes. It fits perfectly with a foie gras passed through the pan, red meat accompanied by a sauce with wine, baked poultry or a vegetable gratin.

Shanso Berry (25gr.)

One of the oldest condiments in the world, originally from Japan. It has a citrus flavor with a spicy finish and an incredible tingling sensation in the tongue. It is used to season salads, meat and fish, seafood and even desserts.

3 Penja Peppers (50gr.)

The perfect combination between the freshness of green pepper, the character of white pepper and the spicy black pepper. Use it crushed in grilled meats and fish.

Cinnamon Berry (50gr.)

Its characteristic flavor is cinnamon but more sweet and aromatic with a slight spicy touch. With multiple possibilities of use combined with sweet dishes and fruits, with oriental dishes and game meats, poultry and white meats.

Bataks Berry (25gr.)

Originally from Indonesia, this berry is one of the most used in Asian cuisine for its citrus and fruity flavor that perfumes all kinds of dishes. You can use sprinkled on sauces, curries, fish, shellfish, meats and even desserts.