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STAR ANISE (50gr.)

Star anise has a beautiful eight-pointed star shape. Its flavor is more bitter than anise seed and is widely used by chefs to give licorice flavor to their dishes. Very common in Asian cuisine.


From the Khewra mines, in the heart of the Himalayas, this rock salt is dyed by its iron content. Very pure, dry and not iodized, it is the ideal salt for your mill. Light up your tables and season all your dishes.


Originally from Ethiopia, it is harvested and dried by hand, this process gives it its smoky smell. Timiz pepper gives off an intense aroma of tobacco and resin. It will perfectly match a terrine of bird livers, with fresh cheese, olive oil and fresh herbs, or also with a bitter chocolate dessert.


Yuzu is a Japanese citrus that has notes of tangerine and yellow grapefruit. Its fruit resembles a small green lemon 5 to 8 cm in diameter. Its candied crusts are tasted like candies or combined with a fruit salad, a spiced bread or a cheese toast.


Habanero Chile, originally from Mexico, grows in this paradise of gastronomy, near vanilla and chocolate. Powerful, hot, scorching, Habanero Chile has an amazing dry apricot smell. It can be prepared in chili sauce, tomato sauce, short broth and mayonnaise sauce. Use with parsimony.


The Red Szechuan Berry gives freshness to your dishes by adding a touch of pepper and lemon. Combine with dishes with vegetables, fish, foie and also with sweets such as chocolate, strawberries and sorbets.


Madagascar Vanilla is one of the most demanding vanilla chefs and pastry chefs. The pods are long and thin, with a rich aroma and very strong sweet vanilla flavor. It is used in meat, fish and desserts.


Kororima is a spice of Ethiopia. The small black seeds in the pod have a pyramidal shape and have a soft and sweet taste, similar to a citrus. Its grains, once ground, release a fruity and balsamic aroma, which combines wonderfully with braised beef or a grilled mullet fillet.


It is difficult to know until when the composition of the mixture 5 spices, also called "5 flavors", is traced, being so implanted in Asian cuisine. This famous Chinese blend combines: pepper, fennel, anise, cinnamon and cloves. Light, sweet, warm and intense flavor. On white meats, fish or vegetables, their aniseed notes lighten the cakes, cookies and fruit.


The Blue Opium Poppy is a small seed with a light, hazelnut and crunchy aroma. It is mainly used in breads, cakes, rolls, cookies and salads to add flavor and texture.

CHAMOMILE (25 gr.)

These flowers are mainly used in infusions, but you can also sprinkle them with sauces and vegetables, as a condiment. It wonderfully aromatizes a red fruit jelly, homemade jams, homemade fruit sorbets, apple compotes or preparations with chocolate (mousses, cakes, creams).


The bright blue salt of Persia is a sapphire blue rock salt, this color is due to silvinite. It contains many nutritional qualities, so it is considered a very valuable and unique salt in the world. It is used to accompany fish, salads and any type of dish.


Coming from Cameroon, it has fruity and smoky notes, aromas of soft red fruit, as well as subtle menthol and camphor flavors. Ideal with poultry.


This sugar comes from the sap of coconut flowers. Use it in your desserts, pure, unheated, to fully appreciate its caramel aroma and its subtle coconut nut perfume.


This Wasabi powder from the island of Sakhalin has fresh and spicy notes. It is traditionally used as a powder in Japanese cuisine or in the form of a paste. It can be mixed with soy sauce to accompany a poultry. Enhances the taste of fish, sauteed vegetables, vinaigrette, cold soups, baked rabbit, baked chicken, salmon cake, avocado and tomato in glass.


Juniper Berry from Macedonia has an acidic and resinous flavor. It matches wonderfully with all kinds of meat dishes. It is also used for infusions during cooking.


With this exclusive mixture of prepared for paella, this symbolic dish of the Spanish and original cuisine of Valencia will no longer be resisted, considered one of the most popular dishes in the world. You can also use this mixture in all kinds of recipes with rice.

COMBAVA (50gr.)

The Combava is native to Indonesia, it is a very fragrant citrus with an air of green lemon, but it is smaller and more acidic. Its captivating perfume with notes of verbena, lemongrass, ginger and coriander is penetrating and original. Thanks to its intense flavor and incomparable freshness, it is delicious with fish, white meat and broths.

ACHIOTE (50gr.)

The achiote brings an orange tint to the dishes and gives a slight earthy flavor to the food. It is usually used in Mexican or Asian cuisine to color a sauce or a plate of rice.


This spice mix comes from Chennai (Madras). It has a spicy, hot and fragrant flavor. It is composed of cilantro, turmeric, mustard grains, fenugreco, pepper, cumin, flour, pepper, garlic, fennel and salt. For its flavor it is a very versatile mixture that enhances meats, vegetables, rice and sauces.