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Our section of Baby Leaves to finish your dishes with a little more size than the shoots. Baby Leaves reminiscent of mushrooms, pepper, walnuts ... Variety of flavors, shapes and colors that will help you finish your works.

Baby Leaves

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Mushrooms Baby Leaves (30u.)

The particularity of the Mushroom Leaf is its mushroom flavor. Its leaves are dark and fleshy green. With this leaf your dishes will have that note of flavor that reminds us of the forest. It is used in meat dishes and winter stews.

Red Sorrel Baby Leaves (30u.)

Highly appreciated for its bright lime green leaves with dark red veins and pointed shape. Its flavor is slightly bitter and earthy with a hint of sour, crisp and succulent apple. It is a phenomenal ingredient for fish, carpaccios and ceviches.

Cordifole Baby Leaves (30 pcs.)

The Cordifole Leaf is an intense green color, very fleshy and watery with a nice shape and a mild, slightly acidic flavor that perfectly combines with all types of fish, shellfish and carpaccios.

Huacatay Baby Leaves (30 ud.)

The first thing that comes to us is the power of its aroma; then, already in the mouth, a fresh flavor invades us. A memory is then activated in the head, the sensation of something that is already known but is not. After investigating a moment between learned tastes, we find the answer. That memory evoked by huacatay is almost always described as "a mixture of basil, mint, lemon and tarragon".

Pepermint Baby Leaf (30 GR.)

Peppermint is an aromatic and refreshing herb well known to all for its frequent use in the preparation of candy and chewing gum or that of alcoholic beverages such as pipermint or to accompany combinations such as mojito, among others. The uses of mint as an infusion are also well known, highlighting the famous Moroccan mint tea. Mint flavor with a touch of orange. In this product we collect only the tender sprouts of the mint.

Green Sisho Baby Leaves (30u.)

Sisho is known as Japanese basil and is used in a wide variety of dishes. Its flavor and aroma of anise and mint go well with fish, rice and seafood dishes. It is prized for its bright green leaves.

RED SISHO (30u.)

Sisho has been used for over 300 years in Japanese cuisine. Red Sisho is very popular for its ability to color foods. It has a unique taste of cumin and curry aroma.

Carrot Baby Leaves (30gr.)

The carrot leaf is very versatile and very tasty, reminiscent of the herbal liqueur. Its aroma is wet forest. The possibilities of use are very varied and is ideal with carpaccios. Its health benefits are manifold, filled with potassium, chlorophyll and other nutrients.