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Box Garden

Micro Garden

White Carrot

Yellow Carrot

Micro Swede

New 2017 Mini Beet

Mix of Herbs

Basic Mix

Flower Two Tone Sage

New 2017 Leaf Komatsuna

New 2017 Leaf Jiaogulan

New 2017 Micro Pine

New 2017 Micro Hemp

New 2017 Micro Broccoli

New 2017 Micro Red Cabbage

New 2017 Micro Green Sisho


Leaf Walnut (nut)

New 2017 Red Kale

New 2017 Leaf Mushroom

New 2017 Flower Red Bean

New 2017 Leaf Oxalis

Mix of Petals

Mini Mixed Pepper

Flower Verbena

Flower Electric

Flower Pansy

Flower Miniature Pansy

Flower Marigold

Flower Pentax

Flower Tagete

Flower Withe, Mix and Purple Carnation

Flower Snap Dragon

Leaf Red Chard

Micro Cinnamon Basil

Micro Basil

Micro Basil

Micro Pea

Leaf Carrot

Flower Geranium

Flower Fruits Sage

Flower Pineapple Sage

Flower Begonia

New 2017 Flower Fennel

Flower Blue Borage Starflower

Micro Watercress

Micro Beet

Micro Burnet

Micro Carrot

Micro Chervil

Micro Lemon Basil

Micro Coriander

Micro Fennel

Micro Tangerine

Micro Arugula

Micro Chinese Radish

Micro Daikon Radish

Micro Purple Radish

Leaf Bull’s Blood

Leaf Nasturtium

Leaf Escarole

Leaf Curly Mustard

Leaf Red Mustard

Leaf Tatsoi

New 2017 Micro Red Sisho

Leaf Yarrow

Flower Chives

Flower Allysum

Black Aubergine

Tiger Aubergine



White Turnip



Black Carrot

Mixed Flowers

Mixed baby leaves


Leaf Mizuna


These are just some of the products we grow for our customers.


Tel: +34 96 104 49 58


Avda. de la Igualdad, 22
46600 · Alzira · Valencia · Spain.

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